mesh5 studios

november 17, 2014
edition #592
ok go another set of issues
algernon doll candy-striped
hookworms on leaving
crushed out early in the morning
bob dylan ain't no more cane
half japanese we are sure
honeymilk what are we gonna do now
king tuff beautiful thing
elephant stone worlds don't begin and end with you
magic bronson wildlife
meatbodies mountain
los straightjackets apache
tetherball timely doctor
wild smiles never wanted this
sonny vincent & spite silver
applesauce tears our last campaign
thurston moore grace lake
medicine it's all about you
allo darlin' we came from the same place
turtle giant business suit morning struggle
blind shake go lie
royal blood ten tonne skeleton
the fletchers please me now
foxygen cosmic vibrations
satellites encore encore
lily & madeleine rabbit
the yolks bud heavy
cool ghouls new moon
swingin' utters end of the weak
manchester orchestra indentations
scott walker & sunn 0))) fetish
deerhoof oh bummer
we were promised jet packs peace sign
primus candy man
iceage the lord's favorite
james williamson head on the curve
bonfire beach isolation
ty segall it's over
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