mesh5 studios

november 10, 2014
edition #591
the wytches fragile male for sale
she keeps bees raven
bass drum of death lose my mind
james williamson she creatures of the hollywood hills
the antlers refuge
abigails calm before the storm
pianos become the teeth enamor me
hiss golden messenger black dog wind (rose of roses)
j. mascis and then
elephant stone knock you from yr mountain
raveonettes wake me up
the asteroids galaxy tour i am the mountain
pylon very right
roky erickson & the aliens you have ghosts
king tuff rainbows run
built to spill fly around my pretty little miss
the vines killin the planet
jeff the brotherhood gouge away
this will destroy you god's teeth
nick cave & the bad seeds all tomorrows parties
death from above 1979 right on frankenstein
thurston moore tape
the muffs where did i go
ex hex song
chad valley acker bilk
scott walker & sunn 0))) brando
pissed jeans wachovia
melt-banana schemes of the tails
happy flowers i said i wanna watch cartoons
guitar wolf wild zero
half japanese as good as can be
useless eaters walking in circles
merchandise true monument
cloud nothings wasted days
goat words
freeman (for a while) i couldn't play my guitar like a man
jesus sons going down
the dead milkmen pretty music for pretty people
bonfire beach highway 77
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