mesh5 studios

October 6, 2014
Edition #586
hess is more hey i think you are terrific
blonde redhead the one i love
king tuff eyes of the muse
the yev look chikin
iceage glassy eyed, dormant & veiled
jesus sons all these furs
dead milkmen somewhere over antarctica
jack white entitlement
erasure elevation
goat goatslaves
simian mobile disco z space
gazelle twin exorcise
coves beatings
she keeps bees radiance
la sera running wild
the fontaines cate blanchett
courtney barnett are you looking after yourself
barrence whitfield & the savages sugar
zola jesus hunger
clap your hands say yeah only run
useless eaters simple device
billy bragg swallow my pride
crocodiles gimme some annihilation
tennis night vision
wampire fly on the wall
best coast fear of my identity
death from above 1979 the physical world
captain beefheart floppy boot stomp
the juan maclean charlotte
letting up despite great faults teenage tide
cabaret voltaire do the mussolini (head kick)
crushed out wormtongue
nashville pussy one way down
tommy guerrero 6 feet for 6 figures
helado negro myself on 2 u
karen o day go by
the dead lovers big world
ex hex beast
half japanese brave enough
dr. john tight like this
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