mesh5 studios

September 29, 2014
Edition #585
the eternals rockin' in the jungle
the edsels rama lama ding dong
the cadillacs speedo
the crows gee
the boss-tones mope-itty mope
the dubs don't ask me to be lonely
the chords sh-boom
the flamingos golden teardrops
karen o beast
depeche mode miles away/the truth is
grmln of nothing
half japanese the time is now
johnny "guitar" watson superman lover
little milton with peter wolf two loves
hound dog taylor sitting at home alone
jimmy rogers you're the one
the jam monday
nirvana on a plain
death from above 1979 white is red
hindi guns rise
interpol my desire
captain beefheart herb alpert
ian dury & the blockheads wake up and make love to me
leonard cohen take this waltz
so cow i want out
the growlers dull boy
the asteroids galaxy tour choke it
the juan maclean here i am
jesus sons i wanna be your man
bass drum of death black don't glow
crotchthrottle quick pickle
hess is more stupid face
the vines wicked nature
mozart's sister lone wolf
goat goatchild
tennis bad girls
cymbals eat guitars warning
this will destroy you serpent mound
the 69 cats you're my baby
hiss golden messenger saturday's song
tijuana panthers torpedo
the dead lovers the storm
j. mascis stumble
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