mesh5 studios
November 18, 2013
Edition #544
marijuana deathsquads vibrant beast
parquet courts the more it works
throwing muses slippershell
polvo blues is loss
jimi hendrix love or confusion
shearwater a wake for the minotaur
elite ufo now who's good enough
elf power strange designs
claire pioneers
clockwork orange do me right now
bryan & the haggards if someday we look back through december
captain beefheart run paint run run
like like the the the death cry tag
growlers humdrum blues
har-di-har through trees
wooden shjips these shadows
la luz what good am i?
the melodic watch the world turn blue
sugarchile robinson sticks & stones
the who call me lightning
bad sports free spirit
dum dum girls jail la la
yamantaka//sonic titan whale song
david bowie always crashing in the same car
the devil makes three forty days
yuck somewhere
the coathangers adderall
juana molina sin guia no
turin brakes guess you heard
cate le bon cuckoo through the walls
crystal antlers prisoner song
deap vally your love
melt-banana my missing link
the julie ruin cookie road
of montreal hegira emigre
the harmed brothers carolina
arcade fire it's never over (oh orpheus)
the sadies story 19
the herms volleyball
lou reed i'm so free
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